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Radionovela"La Canción de Ananse" | 2013

The rescue of the radionovela as a means of communication, this radio show is an effort of ACUA to promote the values of Afro cultural heritage in Colombia.

"La Canción de Ananse", conceived in dramaturgical terms as a radio narration within the radio, averages 25 minutes per episode, in a series of 12 episodes. The work takes place in two dramatic blocks, in the classical tradition of the radio shows, with narrative climaxes every ten minutes.

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ABRAZ + ARTE | Fundación Cerros de Bogotá | 2015 

Cerros de Bogotá Foundation begins with the interest of supporting the appropriation, affection, and knowledge of the reserve of the Bogotanian eastern hills from civil society.

Curators: Juan Fernando Herran + Alejandro Frieri.

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IV Encuentro Performance para la Vida, María Teresa Hincapié | 2015 [21'30]

In Armenia, Quindío, VI Encuentro performance for life: Maria Teresa Hincapié, from August 27 to 29. The meeting held once in spaces open to the public such as the Shopping Center of Open Skies, the parks and different spaces of the city. In addition, the meeting is also a space for training and theoretical reflection, a seminar on the practice of performance is programmed in parallel, as well as a performance workshop for students, artists, and the open free to the public interested.

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| The Art of Embroidery on the Soundscape | 2015